Electricity Market MapsTM for Australia

by GLOBAL-ROAM Pty Ltd, as another product to make the energy market more understandable.

If you're relatively new to Australia's electricity industry and marketplace, your set of these two wall charts will save you many hours of time in getting your head around the structure of Australia's electricity supply industry, and the markets on the east coast and west coast.

If you're a seasoned hand within the electricity industry, your wall charts will save you countless hours in explaining what you know to others - and having them understand, without you tearing your hair out.

The “Power Supply Schematic” provides a view of the physical infrastructure that underlies the way the electricity market works in the NEM (and also the WEM in the west).

Existing generation stations are shown, colour-coded by fuel type with numbers of units and ownership details highlighted, together with where they connect into the transmission grid.

Transmission and distribution asset owners are also shown to complete the explanation.

Further information about the PSS (updated September 2014) is provided.

The “Power Trading Schematic” completes the picture, by providing an illustration of the commercial structure of the NEM (and the WEM in the west).

Stations are identified by the registered trading companies that sell their output to the AEMO, and the wholesale market customers that buy from the AEMO’s pool are identified on the other side.

Registered traders and brokers that operate on the financial side of the market are also highlighted in the wall chart.

Further information about the PTS (update completed late November 2014) is provided.

Further information, including pricing and an order form, is here.

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