MarketMaps by Global-Roam are wall charts designed for Australian energy sector stakeholders to understand and have a quick reference to the structure of the National Electricity Market (NEM). There are currently two different wall charts, both of which were last updated in 2014. More information about these charts is explained below. If you are interested in any potential future updates of these charts, or are seeking other resources to help you understand and interpret the NEM, then please visit



Power Supply & Power Trading Schematics



If you’re relatively new to Australia’s electricity industry and marketplace, your set of these two wall charts will save you many hours of time in getting your head around the structure of Australia’s electricity supply industry, and the markets on the east coast and west coast.

If you’re a seasoned hand within the electricity industry, your wall charts will save you countless hours in explaining what you know to others – and having them understand, without you tearing your hair out.